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We are a company craft work with the philosophy of "Handmade" in which both partners own the Artisan Perfumers license granted by the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla la Mancha. All work we do develop in small batches ensuring their care and attention to its development. In our workshop we respect the rules of safety and hygiene which corresponds to a product for the skin care. Periodically analyzed different samples randomly selected by an independent laboratory. We follow the rules stipulated in the Royal Decree 1599/1997 of October 17, as amended, and the European Regulation 1223/2009 on cosmetic products, being discharged from the European Cosmetic Portal. Our health guide are the Good Manufacturing Practices Cosmetic from the Spanish standard UNE-EN ISO 22716.

The formulas of our products are unique because of this fact and our artisan company status can be conformed to the needs of our customers can make exclusive models in the case of request it.

Always serve to order ensuring that the product is made to the client that requested it. We collaborate with our customers by providing all the information concerning the product and advising where necessary. The product delivery periods we reduce the maximum keeping the client informed of the status of your order.

Assure product traceability through documentation developed during the production process. In the case of products for sale in bulk supply our customers with all relevant health information.

We maintain a continuous state of innovation in our products and developing new models continuously transforming already developed innovative formats to keep consistent with the trends and what our customers request. We have a wide range of soaps based on olive oil and glycerin coming to the hundred of models between the two types.

We follow orders once shipped ensuring that their reception was successful. We work with agencies that offer us confidence transports minimizing delivery time not being increased in any of the cases of 48 hours.

All the soaps and other articles are completely handmade. Have a look at this video to find out about our natural soap making process.

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Exclusive models for shops, herbalists, perfume shops, hotels, spa’s and health resorts, country guest houses... If you are a professional, tell us about your projects.

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