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Although this project is still quite young we like to take part in handicraft competitions and events to show how cosmetics can be as creative and competitive within the handicraft sector as any of the other artisan trades. Here are a few details about our participation in these events so that you can see for yourselves.
Year 2007
In 2007 we took part in the Artisan Project titled D´ARTES III, Artesanía y Diseño. We presented our jabon´era and piedras del segura projects to compete alongside the designers Lucía Marcano and Karina Di batista representing Semilla Gráfica. The first project is a 400 g block of liquorice soap that is set on a red limestone soap dish.

They were well received and after being featured in the October 2007 edition of the magazine Oficio y Arte they have sold like hot cakes.
Year 2008
This year at the Regional Awards of Castilla-La Mancha we presented a foamy mousse type soap packed in an alabaster vase that got 2nd prize. It was probably the first cosmetic to ever to be awarded in a contest like this where the more traditional crafts usually walk away with the prizes.
Year 2009
As we can compete in any event with a winning spirit, this year we presented a Soap Calendar designed by Karina Di Batista which was the most voted Online Project in the Regional Awards of Castilla-La Mancha.

And to top it all we were given First Prize in the Collaboration among Artisans category for our perfume collection made with natural essential oils with the glassware from the glazier Albacete Luis Machí who designed and made a few perfume bottles with glass dispensers based on antique models.

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